The Proven "Six Figure" Tax Protection System
For Professionals Earning $100,000 or more...
Tax Protection
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Video 1:  Set yourself up to save “Six Figures” or more in taxes.
"A must watch for households with income over $100,000!"
Use the worksheet to take a quick inventory of what you have in taxable, tax-deferred and tax-free. This could save you six figures in taxes!
Follow this step by step process and learn:
  • Video #2: How To Put Unlimited Amounts in a Tax Free Position  
  • Video #3: How To Eliminate Bear Markets and Earn 6%-8% Tax Free
  •  Video #4: How to Reduce Costs by 54% or More
  •  Video #5: How To Have 30%-50% More Spendable Income In Retirement 
"A must watch for households with income over $100,000!"

Mark Burgess - Global HR Tech, Honeywell 

If any of you are looking for a way to get increase your financial piece of mind, plan for retirement, get a financial strategy in place... this is the guy to talk to. Thanks Denver for all the help over the last several years...

Jim Swantko - Exec. VP, SUMCO

We started working with Denver on retirement strategies shortly after we moved to Scottsdale in 2010. I've found him to be a consummate professional with sound retirement advice that is creative, but reliable and secure. I wish that we'd met him sooner, but intend to fully maximize our financial strategies through him going forward. I highly recommend his services.

Craig Ashcroft - Owner, Saguaro Claims

Denver offers solid advice, and will help you to understand some options that can enhance your retirement and reduce your tax burden. I would highly recommend Denver to anyone looking for advice.


President - Wealth For Life
Fiduciary & Adviser

After personally taking care of his Mom, Dad and Grandma for 10 years while running a successful business, Denver was able to take the real world lessons and craft some of the most innovative financial strategies in the marketplace today.  
For over 18 years Denver has focused on tax free strategies, utilizing a combination of techniques and experience gained from helping hundreds of clients successfully improve their finances and their lives. He is driven by his clients’ success and feels nothing is more rewarding than creating a successful plan for a client to help ease or eliminate their financial stress, worries, and fears. 
As he achieved success and worked with other high income professionals, he noticed the glaring omission from most financial plans was the lack of tax protection for the upper income households.  

Denver will show you exactly how to get started and how this one insight can save you six figures or more over your lifetime. Learn how to reach your financial goals with less effort and protect your wealth from future tax increases.
In order to reserve your spot, simply click the button on this page, and choose a date and time that’s best for you.
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